Protecting The Interests Of Landlords And Tenants For Over 30 Years

Paula E. Meyer of PAULA E. MEYER & ASSOCIATES, A Professional Law Corporation, brings over 30 years of experience to landlord-tenant negotiations and disputes. Whether you need a real estate attorney to draft a commercial or residential lease agreement for a tenant, or representation in litigation, Attorney Meyer has the experience and knowledge to guide you through your legal matter.

In addition to working closely with individuals and business with their commercial real estate issues, attorney Meyer's practice also includes residential real estate issues. Her experience can be an asset to you whether you have one rental property or manage a multitude of properties.

Attorney Meyer's practice encompasses legal advice and representation for landlords and tenants concerning:

  • Lease/Rental Agreements preparation and negotiation on behalf of Owners, Property Managers, or Tenants
  • Breach of Lease and Unlawful Detainer Actions
  • Enforcement of Lease/Rental Agreement terms and conditions
  • Nuisances and Breach of Covenants, i.e. lease subletting restrictions
  • Legal counseling regarding screening prospective tenants, collecting and returning security deposits, rent increases, legal responsibilities regarding repairs and maintenance, change in terms of the tenancy, hiring/working with and/or terminating a property manager, restricting tenants from subletting or hosting short-term guests, what steps can be taken/are necessary when rent is late
  • Property Management
  • Breach of Warranty of Habitability
  • Lawsuits to Recover Security Deposit
  • Termination of tenancy

Efficient Drafting, Focused Review Of Commercial Lease Agreements

Mistakes made during lease negotiations can affect the bottom line of a business or landlord for years. Commercial leases are long and complex but offer wide latitude for negotiation. A lease agreement favoring one party can have lasting ramifications on the viability, profitability, and value of a business.

Attorney Meyer provides legal advice and representation concerning ground leasing, for more than thirty years has represented individuals, corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships in leasing office, commercial, industrial, restaurants, bars, and governmental properties, as well as ground leases, and cell site leases.

Attorney Meyer offers counseling in the following areas:

  • Preparation and review of real estate contracts and disclosure forms
  • Lease Negotiations and Preparation of Leases
  • Unlawful Detainer Actions
  • Lease Disputes
  • Enforcement of Lease Agreements
  • Premises liability matters
  • Renegotiation of lease agreements
  • Letters of intent and offers to lease
  • Retail, office and industrial space
  • Build-to-suit
  • Telecommunications licenses/Cell Site
  • Tenant improvement agreements
  • Options and rights of first refusal
  • Lease assignments and subleases
  • Performance and rent guarantees
  • Revocable licenses and occupancy agreements
  • Leasing brokerage listing agreements
  • Subordination and non-disturbance agreements
  • Landlord and tenant estoppels/Estoppel Certificates
  • Notice of Non-Responsibility
  • Signage, permitted use and premises expansion
  • Early termination agreements

When entering into a lease agreement, do not leave yourself vulnerable or your success to chance. Call attorney Paula E. Meyer at her Tustin, California, office at 714-795-2753 to discuss your commercial lease needs.

Lease Litigation, Dispute Resolution, and Evictions/Unlawful Detainers

While careful drafting and forethought can prevent many future disputes, in some cases litigation is unavoidable. Disputes between landlords and tenants can get complicated quickly. From contract disputes regarding lease terms to evictions, numerous pitfalls can arise for both landlords and tenants.

Eviction Process and Unlawful Detainer actions

Sometimes the only remedy left is to evict the tenant from the property via an Unlawful Detainer action. It does not matter if you are an individual, property manager, rental company, or other business entity, the need to act quickly and have the tenant removed from residential or commercial real estate is essential in minimizing your losses.

However, before an Unlawful Detainer action can be commenced a landlord needs to properly initiate the eviction process. Careful attention must be provided to all technical requirements and legal standards must be met to ensure the recovery of possession of leased/rented premises.

Attorney Meyer is well versed in the eviction process and its many procedural steps and has successfully represented clients through every stage of the eviction process up to and including successful representation in unlawful detainer trials for possession. Attorney Meyer's experience and knowledge equip her with the skillset necessary to properly execute a trial and deliver a judgment for possession

Once a Judgment is obtained attorney Meyer can begin the necessary steps to enforce the Judgment and collect the amount owed. To determine what assets are available to the creditor for collection of a Judgment, income and property may be verified via tools such as Judgment Debtor Interrogatories and/or Judgment Debtor Examination.

A Judgment Creditor may be entitled to reimbursement of post-judgment costs (including but not limited to costs associated with enforcing the judgment, cost of issuing the Writ of Execution, Levying Officers' fees, fees for the Application for Order for Appearance of Judgment Debtor, etc.). Additionally, unpaid judgment amounts accrue interest at the legal rate of 10% per year.

Once assets and property are verified attorney Meyer may begin the process to collect from a judgment debtor via a Earnings Withholding Order (garnishment of wages) and placing a lien on personal property. If necessary Attorney Meyer can renew Judgments before they expire, until such Judgment has been paid in full.

In her more than thirty years of practice attorney Meyer has successfully prosecuted evictions on behalf of landlords seeking to evict tenants, from both commercial and residential real estate, as well as defended business and individuals fighting inappropriate Unlawful Detainer action.

If you are involved in a commercial or residential lease dispute, you need the knowledge and clarity of an experienced real estate attorney to know your legal options and represent your interests.

Attorney Meyer represents landlords and tenants with:

  • Termination of tenancy
  • Eviction Process and Unlawful Detainer actions
  • Representation of individual, property manager, rental company, or other business entity in Unlawful Detainer Trials
  • Prosecuting/Defending Unlawful Detainer Actions
  • Enforcement of Unlawful Detainer Judgments and Collection of rents and damages owed
  • Including locating debtor, confirming assets research, preparation of Judgment Debtor Interrogatories, representation at Judgment Debtor Examination, collection attempts via Earnings Withholding Order (garnishment of wages), placing a lien on personal property, etc., and renewal of Judgments

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