Mediation Services

Mediation is an effective dispute resolution tool that can be used to resolve conflict, avoid litigation, or end litigation. It can be voluntary and confidential, and oftentimes is a preferable alternative to litigation. Mediation can save substantial time and money.

Attorney Meyer has the experience, unique insight, and practical understanding that is necessary to identify and clarify issues in order to facilitate a resolution that is mutually acceptable to all parties. As an experienced negotiator and litigator of more than thirty years, attorney Meyer has the knowledge and credibility necessary to resolve disputes between conflicting parties.

By guiding the parties through Mediation and encouraging the parties to collaborate in resolving a dispute, attorney Meyer turns conflict into a conversation that can lead to a satisfactory settlement for all.

Over the years attorney Meyer has successfully helped many reach successful resolutions of their disputes and has made it her mission to provide the best possible resolution in a cost effective way, whether Mediation is entirely voluntary or required by contract, including a California of Association of Realtors contract.

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